HMB Dungeness Crab

Well peeps...seas layed down a bit. Headed out this morning, just the skipper and I, out of Pillar Point HMB. On the water at 8 am and back in the slip by noon. Seas were a bit sloppy with an 8 foot swell and wind a bit stronger than expected today. Wind seemed to blow from the east with the swell heading south west...pitched us about a couple times but pretty managable with no crew. Our plan was to locate our gear that was soaking for 4 weeks due to bad weather, and re-bait em for tomorrow (Sunday). To our surprize we limited out on our shallow string with only 2 from the deep string. Pots 8 and 9 of the shallow string, was off the hook, with a full limit in each pot. We lost a pot that had weight in it as i was reeling it up...when all of a sudden POP! I looked up from my coil and threw the off switch, just to notice my lead core had slack in it! Oh no the line must have chaffed and snaped half way up. Now we are building a replacement pot =(. A very expensive line break...a lot more than an 80 dollar swimbait. (8-| Needless to say we slayed em again unexpectedly! Todays unexpected total of 43 in over the rail and 23 back over the side. All keepers! Now if JR. would call me and confirm his spot on deck, I'll add him to my crew for tomorrow! I am recharging my phone now, calling to confirm with him so much tonight. I even called your dad looking for you JR. [green] Time to stuff the live wells tomorrow, so we can all have Dungeness Crab for Christmas.
thats a great catch! i need to score like that.
Well I brought aboard Luis, a sheet metal buddy of mine this morning. This was Luis's first crabbing experience, and he did great helping with bait and the hook...Thank you! Welcome aboard anytime, as long as I have a say!
The seas today were calmer than yesturday, but we fell a little short today. 43 over the rail today...a bit smaller than prior catches. We some how got on a bunch of rock crab, and must have thrown a dozen or so back over the rail. My favorite 2 pots #8 and #9 did not produce well for the crew today... [?]. Stuffed it full of mackral and squid for another soak, with our others. We went and retreived a stuck pot for a fisherman. Glen, who also came aboard for the 3rd deck hand is going to finish off the season with us. He will be working the deck with me and we will be adding his pots to our existing strings. Skipper's son Daniel also joint us for a great day on the water! Today is his 14th birthday, and he wanted to go crabbing with us. He also got to take the wheel on the way out with his father's careful guidence. Here are a few pics from today. Enjoy...



Nice Ragga I always enjoy your post to and Happy Holidaze to you ;)
Thanks SR. I hear after the holidays you may have Sundays off. Get you out with us! Have a good Christmas [green]
OK hopefully I will dra Jr. too hey ragga those squid where as tall as I am .......dam I would love to catch one of those suckers
Looks like nice water on Saturday...I want to go out! All my crabs are given away and the last 4 are going into my Christmas Cioppino shelled with scallops, prawns, striped bass filets, halibut. Skipping the clams and muscles this time. Pouring it all over a bed of steamed rice in a bowl and served on side in a bowl for dipping bread. [green]
Talking with the skipper today and thinking about going out Saturday...Can you make it if I can get you aboard JR.?