Howell Reservoir - Water District Private Lake

I have heard of this reservoir in the past and have found it on google earth when pond searching. It's up by lexington res. Basically, it's private. It opens up to the Water District employees once a year. I got invited to their BBQ tomorrow. Supposedly, people have caught toads out of there and it's open season when they have these BBQ's because the bass never see lures throughout the year. Unless that house that's on the lake is fishing for them, I am guessing they will bite a shiny hook. I am sure people have snuck in there....and congrats to anyone that has pulled it off. It was either go pre-fish the Delta for the next Hook tourney or go to Howell and throw some swimmies at them bass. I'm going to Howell. I will bring back a report for you dudes....hopefully I don't get skunked.
I saw that on google earth, but didn't know it was private...gonna have to check it out some day....let us know the scoop!

PS. Is Lake Couzzens also private?
So a long time ago (30 + years) I fished these ponds up by Lexington by sneaking in with some of my high school bass buddies. These fish are under-fed , very skinny , big heads and will do anything to eat a lure.
For 30 glorious minutes , 3 of fished and watched while every single cast resulted in a hook-up. Most of them were small - 10-14 inches , skinny and with larger than average head size for the overall length. Then came the police. We were escorted off the premises and advised if we ever got caught again , San Jose Water district would press charges for trespassing.
The biglake(again private) is behind Lexington. I am not so sure the names , just locations -----we got busted thier also after the first time, we all agreed to give up the "trespassing " , BUT the fishing was crazy fun.
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A buddy of mine and I checked out Howell reservoir last year. The whole pond is surrounded by barbed wire fencing and there are "no fishing" signs everywhere. The habitat screams bass though, I've always wanted to try fishing there.
Well nothing special. Caught one 2 pounder and my buddy caught 2 up to 3 pounds. The water was really stained from the rain. Lots of weeds so hard to fish from shore.

The people I went with said it was the slowest it's ever been. They usually do really well but the weather shut off the bite. Oh well. Pretty awesome lake and fun to fish. Wish I would have just went to the Delta. 8-)
I think Jr went not so long ago too...
He got one also, got a noce one , like 5 or 6 lbs.
That fancy house at the first pond belongs to the SJ water's lawyer, I've never fished that pond. The second pond is practically guaranteed catch on texas rigged sencos(green pumpkin, etc.) but they usually stay under 1 lb. Security does patrol there and will kick you out when they show up but it's fun. All the home owners drive by you on that dirt road and seem cool and wave. I can tell you I've seen some 5 or 6 pounders swimming by