Huddleston Deluxe **NEW COLORS**

Just got and email from them and they were showcasing there new COLOR RELEASE!!!!!.....

And @ $25 cant beat that with a STICK!!!!!.... Well at least it said $25 at the bass-a-thon......Limited supply!!!!!.....

I WILL B ORDERING 2 OF THESE BAD BOYS!!!!!!! Just go to there website and go to 8'' trout and use the DROP DOWN MENU and look at the KICK @$$ COLORS!!!!!!

i just picked up two of them phantom trout rof 5 going to yote fri day to try em out
I ordered 4 last week in Phantom Colors.....Cant wait to huck'm....And @ $25 a pop I even saved money....It was like I got 1 and a 1/2 free....LOL...

Which is the best R.O.F. to use?
robdv wrote:
Which is the best R.O.F. to use?

Not necessarily the best, but if you're only getting one ROF, get the ROF 12.
My main ROF is 12....Its a versatile depth rate I like it alot!!!! Specially if u r fishing in the 10-25ft range.....If ur going past 25ft use a 16 it just gets there faster is all.....That extra 4ft a sec adds up to a lot more cast in deeper water HUNTS!!!....LOL....

I did buy 2 ROF 5's....I want to try this year a lil more on the shallow side ya know 5-10ft range if I can find any in there which I prolly will eventually!!!!....The only down side to the ROF 5 and 0 is they dont have a pre rigged hook.....So ya gotta add a STINGER HOOK to it....A FAT @$$ 1 or 2 Treble hook w/ braid......Ohhhh and MEND IT.....Cause when ya rigg it that way your more likely to ripp up the HUDD and MEND IT WILL SAVE U $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

12 It is!!!! Have to put it on my christmas list.