Any of you use scent on the 8" Hudd? I have some Megastrike, but I read oil based scents can harden baits like the Hudd. What about Pro-Cure? Does it cause discoloration?
I use Procure scents alot on my Hudds and Ive never noticed any discoloration, maybe if you drenched your bait in that stuff for a really really long time you might notice a change but when you apply moderatley its not a problem.
Well I use 3 sents not all the time dut do use them....

Smelly Jellt-Orange bottle
Mega Strike

All seem to wrk caught great fish of them tooo!!!!...And none of them will HARM ur SWIMBAIT.....Least I havent had anything go wrong with mine.... lol

i used to put megastrike on hudds but it turned one yellow.
Not to hijack the thread, but Huddleston has some new colors and a sexy shad color for the shad.
I've tried mega strike and no side effects.
Miguel14 wrote:
I've tried mega strike and no side effects.

well if you didn't lose hudd's all the time you may see some side effects lol. it didn't turn my bait yellow after one application. the megastrike i was using was fairly old so that may be the reason it turned my bait yellow.
Lol!Jokes ha!Ive had one for a few weeks and i like to try and use them all day and i fish atleast 4 times a week for about 8 hours each time so i think they get sometime in.