huge suprise in local pond

Cought this guy on a jerk bait and was amazed this is my first crappie ever and its huge from what im told lol i cant believe there at this pond any guesses as to where lol [8:)
Im going to guess water district because it seems as if ur on the dock thing.
Hey man hows it going hey how would you feel about teaching me fly fishing tips im dying to learn a few things about it.good call on the pond lol man now everyone knows [8:) jk can u believe crappie at water district and that size its amazing
You probably kept it and ate it you filthy poacher!!

sup man?! If you need some flyfishing info feel free to hit me up as well. I took it very seriously for a bout 5 years.
wtf???/ im gonna throw a crappie swimbait from now on
Yea i would have kept it for sure, crappies good eating. haha
Those Crappie get really aggresive this time of year. I took Jigster out to Calero last week and he hooked a Crappie that went about 2 lbs with a 5" senko!! Talk about hungry.
Calero has some Crappie that will eat anything you throw for bass , maybe not a big swimbait, but just about any other lure.
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nicholas.trinh wrote:
wtf???/ im gonna throw a crappie swimbait from now on

Dude you didn't know?? I've caught a few on flicks out there..never thought anything of it...interesting..
The largest crappie I have ever caught was on a craw colored crankbait at Calero. Seriously - this thing was enormous.
i never knew they were in there tho thats what shocked me and its a pretty good size for suck a small pond i thought. i have been fishing there for 2 years and never seen or heard of one being cought. maybe i was wrong just thought a super wierd place to catch a crappie
Jackall Giron.....
Nice fish, ive caught em on spinnerbaits before. they will surprise you sometimes. I guess they will eat anything when they are hungry.
nice fish dude [green]