Humbolt squid washed up on shore...

I was out on a local Aptos beach south of seacliff beach called Hiddenbeach today and the shore was covered with squid... Took a few pictures to share.
Anybody ever seen this before?
should have filled up the ice chest for Dungeness crab bait...
Never witnessed it personally, but apparently it's not all that uncommon.
I was really tempted to grab a few and take em home for shark bait! But i have plenty in the freezer already. Never seen so much death on any beach like that before.
It was pretty gruesome out there, so many dead thrown all along the high water mark...
Sucks for anyone that has to clean it up, because the next high tide isnt going to wash all that away.
Raggamuffin Rippin wrote:
should have filled up the ice chest for Dungeness crab bait...

I was thinking that exact same thing...look at all that free bait! lol
Thats pretty neat!
Saw a report from capitola that said they had caught some humbolt squit over the weekend.
Anyone know how to prepare those things for eating? (I wouldin't eat one that was already dead...just in case you guys thought I would lol )
There's a good vid on youtube. Man, that's a lot of squid!
Couple of good tips in the comments too. General cooking rule for squid is very high heat for a short time 30sec.-2min., or low heat for a long time. Anything in between and you'll be chewing till' your jaw locks lol