I will be in the Bay Area for a little more than a month.

I hope to fish with some of you before I depart this place, it was a blast these last two seasons, we may return though not likely because I completely hate the people who govern this state and the amount it costs to even try and live a decent life. Tear up my inbox if you wanna meet up, your areas and baits are aafe with me, I do have a secret clearence..... Lol. I know there's a few people trying to meet up soon and I'll do my best to do it. I'm basically fishing every day to every other day. I just fished 12 out of the 14 days. I might be able to brush off your skunks.
Also I have an idea brewing for our futures because I cant seem to find one when I look, so all you writers out there, start practicing.
Its been fun Dave...i will keep these fish on hooks while you're gone... too bad this place is so nice and everybody wants to live here gosh darn supply and demand thing is a real bummer...Good luck Buddy...prob run into before you leave ✌️
Damn bro, didn't see this coming at all! Been nice seeing you at the waters recently, always helpful and just a straight up dude. Best of luck wherever you end up going, if there's fish where you're going keep us updated on what you're catching! I'm sure I'll run into you sometime in the next month though!
damn Dave you really going bro? i remember seeing a guy with shorts on on a rainy on Saturday which was yesterday with another guy. Nice fish you caught there close to those orange koi fish or was it gold fish. Me and my buddy was on the other side with rain clothes on because we stayed there until 7 pm. we went around the whole lake. we should of barrow those 2 boat that was in the water lol. hope to see u again during the weekend before ya leave :) best of luck buddy
Dave , it will suck not seeing all that daily fish pic u help all us who can t get out to the water !!!
Lets meet up fish before you split keep in touch no matter where u go,got internet all across the country !
Peace out home skillet
Haven't been updated with this site but just curious... where are you going and why? [red]
Always loved all your weird fish pics. [green]
I'm headed to my home territory of Phoenix, Arizona. We will make trips back here for sure, this is where my wife's family all live.
Ahh I see. Well then, have a safe trip and don't forget to post pics of Phoenix fishes!
You'll have fun in Phoenix. I hear there are tons of ponds in AZ. Good luck on the move. I never got to fish with you but I enjoy all the pics
Take care, Dave. Have fun being home. I hear you about the cost of living here....crazy! I'm priced out.
THe Beard shall live on, some great fishing around that area before the summer heat sets in
Best of luck