I'm looking for a trailer for my Basshunter EX

After some research it appears that this boat can be hauled on a utility trailer or a small marine one. The one I might have to order is a small, adjustable bunk, non assembled one. A grand for it is too high of price for me and the assembly takes Alot of work.
What I'm looking for is a well cared for or rebuilt trailer. no leaking hubs and good regularly serviced bearings. Also submersible lights, registration, plates.
Basically a decent trailer that is safe and ready to go on freeways.
Thanks all.
Jigster there are a few questions to ask you.
1) How long and wide is your hull. (for used trailer)
2)Can you post link to the trailer you found?(determine scope of labor)
3)Where do you live? Santa Clara...I am in Hayward.
I only ask this, to possibly keep an eye out for a used trailer. I am also a metal fabricator too, so with my tools and welder we can build the one you found. Willing to lend a hand or lead the project for you, with your help we can do it most likely. Jus spring for my fuel expense, n maybe sandwiches and juice for any time and labor. Willing to help out...it may be fun! Between music, striper and crab season, I can make a little time.
Thanks man!
Jigster...I looked at the link you sent me. That looks like fun to build! If it will work for what you need...We can easily do this! Looks like it is just a bolt together. Jus like an erector set, but larger materials. Lock washers, tork wrench and loc-tite with a standard craftman tool set...Oh and my Makita inpact driver.
I don't mind spending some time to construct it. Main issue is the cost of the damn thing. I forgot to tell you I'd be spending another hundred on the 12 inch tires to make it safer on freeway. That's why the cost is about 1K.
Shipping for it is high and it seems the lowest price was the link I sent. It's a Smith trailer I found out.
I appreciate you trying to help if I do have to buy it. I was hoping for a really good used one but they seem rare to find.