Important information San Luis Res tournament!!

Time is running out! We'll be taking sign ups until November 13th which is next Saturday. We've had many people under the impression they can sign up the day of the tournament on the 20th which would be chaos! Please get your sign ups in ASAP so we can make this event happen!!!! If we get 50 boats we will have some awesome payouts. Come enjoy the day with us!!

Entry forms and rules please click below!
Gonna be sick!!!!
If i only had a boat....i would be all over this. Hey..can a bank fishermen join too? [green] lol lol
DUDES! Wish I could do it. It's my sisters Over the Hill B-day celebration. Good luck out there for everyone who enters and thanks Coyote Bait for putting this on. Send us the results and pics and we'll put it up on the front page.