Inflatable boat

I have a west marine inflatable boat that i have to row...hehe. Its better than nothing!
They actually work pretty good in small lakes. Just watch out for sharp rocks :o
I've got a Sea Eagle 9 (Anglers dream boat) inflatable. I've been using it for the past 3-4 years. I love it. It also comes with an motor mount. I've got a trolling motor on it. It is mady of 38 mil Polykrylar. Very tough. I got a electric pump for it as well. So, minimal energy required to put together.

Thanks Sea Eagle for all the great moments on the water :) Â

nice, what kind of trolling motor? i don't have one >_<. and also i missing>

Dude I have a fold-a-boat available. Â It 's rad man. Like new condition. Â Check that link. Â It's a 10 footer. Rated for three people and you can even put up to a three horse on it. Â We're asking 300.00 for it.