Interesting lure watch the video Tell me what ya think!!!!!!!!!!
wow, pretty cool lure. definitely has qualities making it worth a try. thanks for the post sr.
Cheesy! haha, interesting though. Seems to me like you'd get tired of huckin/workin that thing in a matter of time. High maintenance type lure. Very interesting though.
im gona buy one and use it at uvas when the bass start ballin up the shad in the summer. :D
just ordered mine...will post results once I get a chance to try it out.
just ordered mine today, probably wont catch anything with it until summer though.
thats an awesome lure. i have to get one and try it out.. [8|]
Definitely a must have in the tackle box!!
Cant wait to hear how it works out for you guys
who are giving it a try!

One problem I do see is OK yes you have total control..
so, you are far out and behind a wide rock pile or a tree
laying in the water.. you can steer around it but BAM!!
you have a fish on and now what no more control at the mercy
of the fish and most likely get hung up on the structure.
But still its a got to have and try kinda of lure.
Would love to have control like that around and under
trees and near shore line!
Thanks for sharing Sr 8-)