Invasives - Zebra Mussles, etc. Good news

from SCVWD website dated 2/8/08:

DFG deployed certified scuba divers into Calero and Anderson Reservoirs to search for the mussels, along with two other invasive and destructive species, the Quagga mussel and New Zealand mud snail. These species have been known to rapidly spread and clog pipes and water pumps and significantly disrupt the ecosystem.

In addition to the two reservoirs, divers also searched some creeks and percolation ponds. They did not locate any mussels and will determine if any other inspections are needed.
Awesome news. Thanks for sharing. Those mussles are getting the best of our fisheries.
Yeah I agree great news. Thank god we don't have to worry about those in Calero.
ya thats good new where did they axually come from and what do they do???
No body really knows how they go in to some places (i.e. San Justo) but, they do blame it on boats anyways. They originally came over from europe and entered in to the greatlakes area via the ballasts on the big ships. The problem has continually gotten worse, as more and more ships travel through those water ways.

The mussels form colonies everywhere, especially metal and cement objects. They clog the pipes of the water distribution systems, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. Hence, the reason why the water districts are taking no chances. Well....except for pumping water into Anderson and Calero from San Luis which is connected to San Justo (the only confirmed infestation in NorCal)....IDIOTS!

These mussels can also wreak havoc on the environment they live in. The mussels filter plankton, the same thing shad and other small fish feed on. When the shad/others start dying because of lack of food the bass and other bigger fish start to suffer also.

lesson done. ;D
wow thanks ya i never knew that but ya that sucks