Is Coyote open this weekend?

The ranger at Calero told me they were also going to redo the Coyote parking lot. Just wondering if both lakes are going to be closed at the same time. Anybody know if Coyote will be open this weekend or have a phone number to call and check.
(408) 842-7800 (park office)
They just re surfaced it last year......What the HELL......If its true thats gunn suk....Oh well guesse its DINKSVILLE then.....Anderson that is!!!!....LOL......

I will double check!!!!...

i called coyote and they are open this weekend
U got to it first just called and was gunna post.....LOL.....

Sounds good , I might have to take a trip out there this weekend.
I called and spoke to the head Ranger and he said there are plans to resurface part of the parking lot, but I was told that the project would not prevent boaters from using the ramp. I'm not sure when it will happen. I was told to speak to Ubaldo Perez at 355-2200 for more info.
I"ll be there this weekend. I'll be in a red fish cat toon. Got my 13" Senko ready to go Hahahaha [green]
Was up there Monday and talked to the Ispection guy for a bit........

YOTE is not closing at all this year he said....They will keep it @ 55% capacity all the time if it goes over they will drain it!!!! Till it reaches 55% again!!!!