Is this heaven?

This being my first post as a new member i wanted to first say thanks to Jim Sr and his youngest. I ran into them down at the shop and they were more than willing to just sit and talk, and for me, as someone just getting into fishing, was great. Late this summer i got hooked and living by coyote i've tried by best to make it my second home. Although being new i don't have much of a clue and try things i read about online. Christmas is coming and i would like to put a word in with the lady for a new set up or two. i don't have much knowledge and was hoping i could get some advice.
Welcome! 8-) If Coyote is going to be your main spot and if you're after giants - who isn't? [green] - then I'd suggest a swimbait outfit and a multipurpose rod primarily for jigs that could also be used for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, super spooks, and more. To handle a variety of swimbaits I'd look at a Heavy action Okuma or Shimano Crucial in the 8 foot range. For the multipurpose rod either a MH or H 6'6"-7' rod. I really like the Curado 300DSV for swimbaits. A budget for your setup(s) would help us narrow your selection.
Thanks for your help!! my budget probably around $350 for both. . . . i think.

as to what to put on them. . . well. . . i'm open to any suggestions. haven't landed a fish over 2lbs, so i'm not doing something right
Welcome to the sport of fishing and the boards. I do not as of yet have a swimbait set up, but I do like my shimano clarus rods in 7' m and 7' mh. They are less expensive under 100 and have a great replacement waranty. I use the mh for jigs, spinnerbaits and sm plastics like super brush hogs. I like the 7m for crankbaits, jerkbaits, and for some reason my top water...i guess cause the lightness in my hand and all the work involved. As for my reel, I love my new shimano 201E7 Lt hand retreive or you may prefer the 200E7 Rt hand retreive. The 7 stands for the 7.1 retreive speed, available with the slower 5.1 retreive too. I can use either rod at any lake or pond with confidence. I chose to spool with p-line 12 lb cxx. Hope this helps.
I'm going to look for a swimbait set up next :D.
Considering your budget I'd probably start out with a 7' Medium Heavy (MH) or Heavy (H) powered rod first. That would enable you to fish a wider variety of baits than the swimbait rod. Then put aside whatever you have left over and save up a little more for a good swimbait outfit. One thing to note is that there is not an industry wide standard for power. For example, a MH St Croix rod will be comparable in power to a H G Loomis rod. A better way to compare a rod's power rating is to look at the lure weight range and line lb test range. I'm not too familiar with rod comparisons in the <$100 range so hopefully others can provide their experience. I'd put Shimano on short list. If you can swing it the Shimano Crucial rods are nice. St Croix just came out with the Mojo series for around $100. They are sweet looking rods. There's a lot of buzz about them.

As far as the reel the new Shimano Citica 200E would serve well as an all-around reel. It retails for $119.99 plus taxes, but if you're willing to buy on ebay, which I've done several times without any issues, you could find it for $100 total or slightly less.
Ponz thank's for coming in to the shop it's alway's nice to talk to fellow fisherman......good luck out there and welcome to SJB.. [green]
Welcome to the forum Ponz!

And you were inducted by two of SJB's finest - Jr. & Sr..