its on now

Its on this weekend fellas i got my lews american hero rod 7ft 6in heavy power today amd got my boca bearings for my lews carbon fire yesturday be sure to see the video of the replacement later today. And im gonna be chuckin the swimbaits this saturday well see what happens......... hopin for the big girls.
Im prob going to chunch swimbaits this weekend also. Good luck man
You too buddy lets go get some biggins
OK finished my bearing install on my lews carbonfire and I love it cant wait till Saturday and I love the feel of my new lews American hero rod as well they match up nice together. I will post you tube link for the bearing install in the fishing tackle forum for you fellas.
Sounds like a commercial for Lews. lol Let me take a wild guess that the sponsor you? :D
No just like them and the rod was a good deal 75 and change after taxes from tackle warehouse
Well love the feel of the rod and the way it handles small swim baits gotta throw a big boy swimbait next time. And tough day missed some on swimbait and had some blow ups but just couldnt connect :-(
just my opinion so don't get defensive.
I would have saved the boca bearing cash
and bought a higher end Lews instead of bearing.
always spend the most you can afford on gear.
you will like it that much more.
@urbina Boca's are free for us bro.
Went Sunday with my brother but the BIG girls did not show any love, so we abandoned swimbaits. My brother managed to land a 3 pounder with a crankbait, but the rest were 1-2 lbs. Wondering if the full moon from Thursday still has them hungry for midnight snacks rather than breakfast and lunch.
I think so think so