Kelly Lake!! Great first trip of 2015..

It's a members only lake but that's why I'm a
Member!!! Lol....

Was a great 5 hrs tough lil lake but got them as
Usual... Got 7 fish all ranging from 2-4lbs!!

Lake is bout 2ft low but launchable which was

Fished 6-12ft of water drop shot and swimbait
Was ticket!!! My buddy mike skunked but he had

Can't wait till full spawn kicks in!!!

Gotta do 2 post for pix sorry damn iPhones..

Other pix!!

That is what it is all about! Thanks for sharing Jim.
Way to go jr robbie told me u got back into the club nice fish
Love fishing this place. No matter if I get skunked or I rip lips all day. It's great just to get on the water and get some therapy.