Kentucky Lake Trip in Progress

So I thought I would let you guys in on my road trip to College FLW National Championships....

Well The drive was about 2500 miles which my buddy John and I made in three days. It was rough. I had some mechanical failures on my trailer on the day I was supposed to depart. My axle was bent and I had to get it replaced so that delayed my trip one day.

Arizona and New Mexico was great. The people were nice there I stayed one night in Albuquerque. Then I headed off to Texas, then Oklahoma where I experienced my first prejudice encounter. We trucked on to Arkansas then straight through Tennessee and ended up in Kentucky.

On Monday I had my tournament prep guide. We caught ALOT of fish using the RMD Spinnerbaits. I filled my limit in about 30 minutes. The minimum size is 15" here on Kentucky Lake. We caught them using many techniques. Out here, simple baits work compared to the common California Baits. We caught about 30+ keepers averaging about 3# each.

On Tuesday the wind was blowing really hard. 30mph winds put up 4-5 foot rollers. I had made a 25 mile run each way and that almost destroyed me. I have never ran this boat through rough water like that before. We launched at 6:30 am and got to the spot at about 6:55am. By about 7:15 am we had a pretty solid bag and culled about 7 times in just about 20 minutes between my buddy and I. After filling our limit we went hog hunting. Breaking off numerous 5+ lb fish didnt help much but hey, its just a prefish. We went back to our room at 1:30 and decided to Jug fish, yes I said Jug Fish. When I launch my boat, my throttle cable snaps and now I am in a boat that wont go to neutral and is stuck in reverse. I get off the water immediatley and head to the boat shop. They had it fixed by 7pm.

Below are pictures of the type of fishing conditions we have.

Tomorrow we have a big thunder storm coming with thunder and lighting and winds gusting 30+mph.
I am still yet to determine whether I will go out tomorrow.
Sounds like a rough beginning but at least you are on the water catching fish. Sorry to hear about the racial prejudice that you experienced. I know what the feels like, it sucks but nothing you can do about it. Simply forgive them for being idiots and walk away it makes you a better person. Good luck and continue to have fun out there. 8-)
Thanks for keeping us in the loop , that's crazy. What a drive , 3lber avg yikes awesome be safe and remember an angry man catches no fish , so be happy be safe enjoy the the time on and off the water you guys are in our thoughts
kick some ass out there anthony!!!!
good luck out there anthony we are all rooting for you!!! represent the bay
Yea good luck! Hook'em good.
Dang another Phoenix boat huh, thats tight. Well dude I give you hella props for putting so much on the line for this event. You've got the skill, and the drive to put this together. I know you'll represent SJ, and the west coast well out there. Good luck man, cant wait to here the full story in person when you get back, take care. - JD
Thanks for keeping us posted....Kick some BA$$ [green]
Good luck brotha, we'll need to hook up when you get back!
Best of luck to you. Have a safe trip.
Note to self don't go to oklahoma. What happened there?
Right on bro... It's always some thing with boats.... Now that you
Got all that out of the way kick some ass!!!
are they telivising the weigh ins out here or any part of tourney i would like to watch if anyone happens to know thank you and kill it out there guys