Knots vs. Line

What knots do y'all tie for flourocarbon? Braid?

Braid to Flouro leader?

I was a palomar man until I discovered flourocarbon, now I use the Uni.
I found alberto knot very easy to tie and being very strong.
I connected #15 braid to #8 fluorocarbon without any problem.
If the line snags, it always breaks the leader, not the knot.

Here's the demonstration and the tip.
I saw a youtube of Aaron Martin talking about this knot.
that's the knot i use since my pea-sized brain can't seem to tie a double uni consistently.

it's a good knot. no issues with breakage at the knot and slides right through guides. there's a way to back tie it too that makes it even stronger and avoids slippage. if i remember right, you just overhand knot the tag ends.
I've always used either the palomar or uni, for the line to line use a uni to uni. With the fluoro just make sure you wet the line thoroughly and snug it slow an steady and hold the line taught for a second after. If you check out North American Fishermans website or the show on Vs. they have a segment called knot wars, they've been testing every knot head to head on 15lb test, all types for a while now. There are ALOT of knots. Good info.
skunkasaurus wrote:
if i remember right, you just overhand knot the tag ends.

Yeah! I did that too.
Yep, the Fishin Fool (double wrap uni) and the albright are the ones.
Tony Pena knot for braid to flouro, San Diego Knot for flouro and mono. Palomar or San Diego for drop shot....depends on the time requirements. Palomar is quick, San Diego gets close to 95% knot strength without fail. San Diego Knot and Tony Pena Knot I carried over from saltwater. Have caught multiple 20lb class tuna on bass gear using the Tony Pena for my 3' leader, and never have lost a fish to knot failures.