Know any decent places for some Fall Catfishing?

I'd like to do some Fall catfishing, never done it in the fall. Know any places near San Jose that don't require a boat?

I seen a guy pull two FAT channel cats out of cambell perc ponds about 2 weeks ago, don't know if it was luck or a secret bait.
try lake cunningham on the east side of san jose near raging waters. theirs always good catfishing in that lake.
Are you sure?

I live right next to that lake and I've been there probably 50 times now. I've only caught 1 catfish from that lake and its the one im holding in the picture.
yeah bro they fill it just as much as the ponds. i find it easy if you use chicken or goose guts like the stringy stuff. the whole liver and gizzard things does work as well but the guts seem to work a little better. i never use catfish bait from the store i never had any luck with that stuff.
oh yeah also try uvas. it's kinda hard for me but they have good size cats there.
Ha I'm so skeptical about cunningham. The water there is so murky green. They really need to fix that. It's part of the reason why I never see and never use lures even for trout there.

To be honest that lake would be so much better if they could fix the lake color.
you got that right bro, they do need to get rid of that green. i also hear in that kind of water if you use a lure use a dark color. at perc ponds they have a few cats in the 2nd pond. i see a few people catch some but not often but they are in there.