La-Z Weekend

Fished the pond again with my main man Conrad and 3 more buddies from work this weekend. Plucked well over 20 fish out these past 2 days. Got 11 myself yesterday. Today started off real slow with the change in the depth of the water at the pond over the last 24 hours (about 2 ft. higher today and no more water access through any of the reeds). Moved locations and caught 2 decent bass and then landed the mammoth 22 lb prego carp!!
What the....what were you using when you landed the carp?
Hey what's up man, I met you on Saturday on the dock.

Nice carp.. must have been a hell of a fight.

Sounds like you hooked into some more fish after I left that day. You're killin' em out there!

But where are the big mamas? It's just a matter of time til you stick one.

[8|] We should have gutted that Carp and Left it for the Coons and Fox's to get it!!! Its gonna murk that water up and eat on the baby bass!