Lake Berryessa 11-09

Went fishing at Lake Berryessa today with CRL pro staff member Brad Amodeo and our friend Chris. We caught 10 different species of fish. Best 5 Bass went 18#, 4 smallies and a largemouth. Chris landed a fat spot for a short stay with them, in the livewell, for pictures. I landed two huge catfish, largest going a bit over 22#.



Beautiful fish Ragga!
A Berryessa trip is on my "to-do" list (never been). Is there a particular area/section of the lake that is generally more productive?
That cat is a beast! From the looks of the pic I'm not sure if you caught the cat, of the cat caught you lol
Fatty smallies!! [green]

Nice fish Ryan, thanks for pics.
Nice fish!
I'v been wanting to go there for small mouth!
Beautiful pictures bro 8-) That cat is huge! Did she fall for a lure?
Looks like you guys had a blast! That's a HUGE cat dude!
Must have been jiggin the bottom for smallies and the cat decided he wanted some too?
Very cool Ragga! 8-) That lake looks beautiful, going to have to add to my to do also.