lake ilsanjo 11-24: a bucketer's story

It's my first time fishing at this lake in Annadel State Park east of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County because I visited my friend and he told me there's a lake near his place. It is close to his place in distance on the map but we have to "hike" for 1.5 hours to get the lake. It was a beautiful day, 66F, not too windy, good for hiking so I took the suggestion. After the hike, the only thing I can say is I am exhausted, especially I needed to speed up to catch up his kids several times. At the same time, I wondered who else would hike that far for fishing. With this notion, I became a bit confident to do the catch there.

We brought a 5-gallon bucket because the kids loved to see the fish swimming in the bucket. Luckily, my intuition was right and I ended up caught 5 bass in 2 hours and missed one bite. I had 3 consecutive bites at the same place. I guessed it might be caused by putting the fish in the bucket and it prevented them from sending the alarm signal to others. We released them all. It was fun although they are small. The lake is beautiful and full of vegetation. I will post the pics later. If you are a hiking and fishing lover. You should try.

Of course, we spent another 1.5 hours to hike back to the parking lot.