Lake level @ Yote

Hey Guys
Hit Yote on Saturday in the rain for a few hours. Had intermitent rain, not much wind. Water was stained ( 2-3' viz ) no idea of water temp.
Got zero bites.
Here's a picture of the dam area for you.
That looks pretty good! Yay for rain!
Looks really good. I'll have to plan a trip down there when the weather warms a little.
Might be a swimbait weekend to me lol
The bite at yore has improved fished this past weekend on saturday and sunday saw a 8lber and a 7lber caught. I myself caught 3 or 4 ranging from 1-3 pounds. Chatterbaits and Jigs (dragged slowly) and T-rigs were the go to.
Heres the 8, so you want call BS, LOL>
Shannon u gona be out there saturday i will be in the am.
Not to sure the wife has a road trip planned for me ;(
All good all good if u come threw u come threw if not ill post my success or failure
speters47 wrote:
Heres the 8, so you want call BS, LOL>

Nice pig!
heading for Yote in the am.
either I kick their ass or they kick mine.