Lake Merced

I know lake merced isn't in San Jose but there a lot of people in SF that check this page out. Me being one of them. Now to the good stuff.
So today i decide to test out my new Sevylor RIO canoe and didn't have the time to travel too far. So I went to lake merced and to my surprise i caught 3 fish. 2 spotted bass and 1 LM. Hooked another one but he got off. caught them all on a daiwa lipless crank. Personally my first time getting any kind of bass action here. but they're there. i fished the south lake. tried by an abandoned dock with no luck moved out near the bridge and that's where i hooked up with all my fish. cant wait to take the new inflatable to calero I'm tired of bankin it... lol
nice! I heard that lake can be tough. They plant trout in there if I remember correctly. I'd throw a huddie from your canoe there. I used to fish out of a canoe, I still miss catching monster bass out of that thing.

welcome to SJB.
heck ya man, I used to fish from a colman inflatable kayak. Couldnt stand fishin from shore anymore either. I hooked up with my PB in that thing. Had a couple holes in it too.

Way to get off the shore!!!
Ya ever look into gettin a toon or float tube?
yeah its pretty tough there. you can go there everyday and get skunked. i think there going to stock some trout soon for trout day. but im not sure when that is.

i have thought about getting a pontoon or a tube but i wanted to stay more dry and plus i got the rio for 250 so all in all a good deal

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I need to give that lake a try!!!
Throw it before they plant....seriously. 8-)