Lake Perris... doing some vacation fishing

Well gentlemen and ladies.... took a little trip to so cal to visit moms. So im going to go to do a little bassin at lake perris tomarrow. Hopefully everything goes well. I'll let you know how i do.
so got out on to the lake around 9. paddled to the island caught 1 on my 4th cast using a wacky rig, about 3lbs. the wind kicked in and kept on spinning me around my anchor. so just drifted around the island throwing a lipless crank. nothing, so went back to the wacky. got a bite, couldnt land it. no action till about 2. fought with the wind and the wakes from the jet skiers, not fun. took me about 20 mins to paddle back, i really need to get a trolling motor for the inflatable. fished a point for a bit and picked up another one on the good ol texas rig. nice little dink. pulled up my new anchor to move to another spot and next thing i know no more anchor. the freakin pin fell off. i wonder if bass pro shops will cover it as a defect. doubt it! so then i tried some hard swimbaits from shore didnt produce. left around 4. not what i was expecting but at least i didnt get skunked. cant wait to get back to the bay and fish.
Thanks for the report, Im gonna be heading down there to visit the moms soon to.
I grew up down there but never fished at all. Been dying to check out some of the lakes down there.
What kind of inflatable were you fishing from? And at least you werent on the shore...
i was using a sevylor rio canoe. yeah i went to high school out here and never fished any of the lakes around here. so thought id give it a shot. i think next time though id probably focus more on the damn area. everything else seem visually the same. its all pretty sandy. i also heard diamond valley is a better spot. but i havent been there. maybe next time. but i was reading something like no kind of water craft except something im not to sure you'd have to look it up. but defiantly taking a look at