landing the big bass

I need some help. I caught this 6lb fish Sat. Today I caught one a little bigger and got it up to the boat. However, when I went to grab its mouth to pull it into the boat it dove down and broke the line. I have lost several big bass this same way. Can you give me some advice on getting the fish into the boat besides using a net?

Try backing off the drag as the bass gets close to your boat. That way if it surges the line can slip instead of stretching too far and breaking.
That drag idea could definitely help you out. Also, are you using mono? I've had this happen once or twice to me with mono, but since I switched to braid i've never had it happen.
if you are on a boat, hopefully you would have a net on board. If you got a MH or heavier rod with 12# plus or more, wear her out a little more than swing her over. Hopefully you are not horsing these fish in. If you are holding your line, that could be the problem, keep rod up and grab fish.
Thanks for the tips. I am using mono, trying to get her in as fast as possible and grabbing the line before i grab her mouth. I will make those changes and hopefully stop losing fish at the boat.
Loosen up your drag and stop horsing the fish in.
ender is right also try to use 30-lbs braid.
just use a net.
this aint B.A.S.S. , this is bragging right and a Kodak moment...

use the net...
works for me... I aint to proud...

I agree with using a net, you minimize the risk of loosing a trophy fish. Backing off the drag is also a great idea. its not everyday that you will hook a really nice keeper.
When you have a 10lb+ plus on your spinning rod, then you definitely hope you have a net with you. I have learned my lesson so I always bring the net! Good Luck
i would jump in the water lol..nah i loosesn the drag too and then lip them.