Last Fish of the Decade!

Went to Calero on Thursday 12/31 to try out the new gear I got for Christmas. About 9:30 I decided to throw my new crankin rod and on my second cast...BAM! This fat girl slammed a shad colored crainkbait. She went 7 Lbs even. This is my personal best and got it on the last few hours of the decade.
Nice way to end 2009 good luck in 2010
Nice, always great way to break in new gear with PB!!!!

Set'em Good
way to go bassakwards ,
Nice big winter fish !!!! Some of the biggest bass I have ever seen caught at Calero
have come in middle of winter in somewhat shallow cold water. For some reason , that lake has big bass that will feed in COLD shallow water . I friend of mine caught his PB in less than 5ft of water with a brush hog in early January ---- it went a little over 10lbs.
That spot were you caught your 7lber is really good when you can fish it without the wakeboard and jet ski guys.
I ended up going to Anderson the next day and got skunked - two hits all day , but no fish .
1Old Man
So cool! 8-)
see Ryan ... not all the fish in Calero are skinny... lol

Nice Fish!!
Well done man, Id love a 7 this time of year! It seems like calero has been really consistent lately.