Late fall jerkbaits

Curious to see what everyone’s favorite fall jerkbaits are. Floating or suspended, what type of profile, etc.

For starters I just have a few Rapala X-raps (I think). One is a probably in the 4in size and likely dives 4-6 ft and another ~3in and probably shallower. I think all X-raps are suspending, if my understanding is correct.

I’m pretty new to jerkbait fishing, so please school me away!!!

I also have some Rapalas, though I’m unsure of the models. Probably gonna go hit up bass pro and stock up on a 3600 worth of jerkbaits for then winter

Megabass and Lucky Craft make some premium baits if you want to really get into the high end stuff. Apologies to your wallet in advance.