LBC 4/9 Report/Pix

Got a trip planed to LBC on Wednesday...
With all this nice "hot" 4-5 day spell we are having
And w/ the info I have acquired it's calling me!!

Info known now is lake is open 6-7
2 trout plants in last 6weeks
Visability 8-12ft clear
Water level is low but boats are launching
For how long who knows????!!!
Fish are on beds!!!! But skittish!!!

I haven't Benin in about 3 yrs last pre spawn
Trip saw nothing but "Toads" and "freight trains"
On beds!!! Best sight fish from there for me is 9.5lbs

Will update everyone on wed night possibly thurs morn.
Will start off buzz,hudd,popper,jerk,shallow crank first
Couple hrs then transition to jigg,senko,lipless crank,
Paddle tail,round it out w/ drop shot...

What is lbc?
When did they start stocking again?...
LBC is Los Banos Creek (Reservoir). Wow cool that they are stocking trout over there again, I thought that was shutdown indefinitely.
Rip'em up, get them double D's..

Set'Em Good
And rip some lips we did too!
Jim jr can post the report.... Great weather and a great day too. Prolly 25 fish we boated at the very least. Plastics worked the best really.
Good times
Photoshop hehehehehe