LBC or Anderson on Saturday!???

I am tryign to figure out where to go. Any one been to LBC? I heard that Anderson is wide open, but mainly small fish. I think with the weather we had this wek and the cloud cover and little front coming in both places may be red hot. Anderson is a for sure to catch fish, but may be loaded with people. If LBC is on though I know I can still catch a lot of fish and they are usually in the 2.5lb to 4lb range and they fight like champions over there. Also a better chance of pulling it the DD. What a tough call. Any advice will be appreciated. If any one else is goign to LBC let me know. I think bassman1057 is heading to Anderson. I thought we were going to hit up LBC.
me and 007 are hitin up anderson tomarrow first trip of the year
Like you said LBC has the quality, and some numbers on good days.. where as "dinkerson", can give you numbers and maybe a 4lber if your lucky.. plus Dinkerson is a short drive for you too.. Saves on the gas..
IMO... I would fish either one.. you wanna drive then LBC is the way to go.. otherwise sleep in till 730 and be at the gate by 800.. sleep or drive.. which is more important = quality or quantities...

Fishing is fishing..if im doing it, thats all that matter to me..
Good luck and lets hear your report so more us can have a better idea whats hot and whats not...

Good luck
I am starting to think LBC it is going to be, but things change on friday nights at times. I hope i can get Bassman to make the journey also, maybe we will just take one boat again, but who knows, I kind of want to get mine out, a comfort thing i guess. I read some reports from the bass-n-tubes and it looked like some mixed results but a lot of cruisers and some fish where locked onto beds. With the warm weather i hope some more locked on or are ready to feed. Will report on monday what happens, if its anderson or LBC