LBC record?????

Did anyone here about the 22.2 pounder caoght at lbc? If thats a record breaker.
WOWOWOWOWOWOW I want to see a pic
Where you here this from? I would like more info.............PLEASE....... [green]
Where did you here it from? I doubt that a fish was caught cause if so it would be on all the big sites by now.
Ill try to post the text pic. It was probley a April fools thing.
Heres the text pic i got. The text said 22.2lbs @ lbc ... igbass.jpg
Dude looks like he caught it on a fly rod
Ya i seen the picture today,i was fishing lbc and i came across some fellow swimbaiters.They showed me the picture and told me the story.From what they told me it was caught by a trout fisherman from hollister that they know,was caught on six pound test,he weighed it on a hand scale and threw it back in when asked why he did not take it in he said that he knew it was a big bass but did not think much of it since he just fishes for trout.Now this is the part im confused on first they said something about a roboworm but i was still trippin on the picture then i heard cast master so thats the only part of the story im confused on but i know where he caught it }:( fished that area for a good three hours today! Nothing! But i did loose a toad today.About a week and a half ago another trout fisherman caught a sixteen pounder trolling a minnow! Some toads but BS if you ask me here we are trying to catch them and other anglers trying to catch other species get them on accident.Lol! just jealous i guess.
Miguel do you know when he caught it?
almost positive it was last weekend but i honestly was stuck on that picture lol and finding out where they had caught it at lol
I am glad he released it to live and spawn some more......It looks big but 22.2lbs she don't look that big......
At least it has been released. It dosn't look to be over 20lbs to me. I know there are some toads in that place. I have seen trout fisherman get the big ones around this time of year because of the big bass eating the trout when they are bringing in their trout. It would suprise me if he caught it with his so called live bait, on accident of course. I am very happy to see it wqas released, now I just hope this doesn't get out and this place turns into a Zoo, its bad enough at times already.
Totally agree with JimSr. That does not look like a 22 lb fish. He's holding it way closer to the camera with his arms straight out to exaggerate the size, and even with that effort that's not lookin 22.

I smell a skunk on this one. Might even be a photoshop.
Holy crap [8|]

I'll see everyone at LBC tomorrow lol
Nice fish! Just think about Dottie...she weighed 25#s
NIce fish!!!!...But not no 22lber!!! A teener indeed but 20 is pushing it!!!!!...

Looks like the water is clear.....Might be visiting LBC here REAL SOON!!!!...

was real clear there is a bunch of algea growth everywhere if you got out there take the wake baits }:(
Yah went out there about 2 weeks ago and their was a nasty algae bloom. The week before it was crystal clear and now its soupy in the area we were fishing.