Lbc report 1-17

Well ive been busy lately havent posted in a while.My son was born on 1-5-09 so its been crazy.Well i got out this weekend on my toon i had to take it out cuz i just got a new fish finder for it.Got out there at 8:30 trout were all up top.I started chucking out swimbaits on off shore structure, then i hit the whole back wall and nothin! Finally started using the jig on rock piles and i got one,it was at 32 feet off water.If i was reading the graph right most of the bass were 30 feet and deeper.Atleast i kepted the skunk away.

Im trying coyote tonight if anyone is up for it.
shore fishing right???
Congratulations on the little one!!!! I've wanting to get up to LBC. I went once a while ago and can't remember if you have to pay to launch a toon. Was there anything posted? Did you have to pay for launching the toon? I've fished at the Forebay a lot and the Ranger there told me as long as it doesn't have a motor then there is no launch fee. I would guess it's the same at LBC.

Thanks! And i was on my toon and no i did not pay to launch i just paid for parking its rare when the rangers are out there anyways
Congrats on the kid. Now maybe you can conceive a DD fish.

just jokin...hahaha. [green]
jerbs wrote:
Congrats on the kid. Now maybe you can conceive a DD fish.

just jokin...hahaha. [green]

DITTO THAT...... [green]
Better save up that cash for your kid man. Seems like your always buying expensive stuff, new toon, fish finder, Rods, Baits, etc... I thought you weren't even working? You wont have that kind of money to spend pretty soon man, make sure you get your kid on some good insurance, you're gonna need it! Congrats and good luck!
Lol! I do like to spoil myself! And fyi i just spoiled my son too and got him everything he needs and he's been insured no worries there. I always got money and its there to spend it. And my son has some money put away for him to! I work construction so its off an on but when i work its real GOOD to me.And i got my side work thanks for the concern though!
Good stuff! Get him ready to throw the big sh!t. My daughter has 6" castiac platinum on her barbie poll right now! Let me know when you hit up the yote, I have takin the toon out in days.