leaving for yote at 5 am fellas

Headed to yote soon guys ill post pics if i hook up and let u guys know how it went
Good Luck and may the Force be with you! 8-)
It was a bust but did get this on dropshot lol
It was 8.4 lbs
That fish hit a drop-shot? By the way I wouldn't leave so soon. This time of year mid-day is usually prime time 8-)
Went to nukes and slayed em
Yes it did lol random my son got tangled up so i set rod down for a couple mins and helped him and when i finished i looked over and saw the line gettin tight and wahoo fish on but wrong kind but was still fun lol
southbayareabassman wrote:
Went to nukes and slayed em

Been going to Nukes for a while and only caught one on a crank almost 2 weeks ago. Glad to see it's just my fishing and not the fish being the problem haha
Took my son to Almaden today but got nuthin.
Went to Yote Sunday morning with my brother and between us we ended up with a single 13.5" bass. We thought the action would be better since it was pretty warm the last few days and the water seemed pretty warm. Guess I'll wait for March.