Lets try to have another TS!!!!

Why don't we try to get a turkey shoot or something organized maybe in a month or two at a lake like LBC where the rangers seem never to exist and so do the boaters at times.It does not have to be in two or three weeks but just throwing the idea out.
lets do it in april... im in for a sunday... that place will be on fire by then.....
Another thing I forgot to mention is that the rangers here don't work on the weekends for some strange reason so if we were to hold it on a weekend we probably won't need a permit or have any problems from the rangers.
Im in keep me posted.
first of all fish and game browse the internet to find stuff like this so please do everything in PM's and secondly the rangers do work weekends but there is a place out there where they can see the whole lake from I was just out there last sunday and the rangers were out. There is always at least one ranger there on duty. Just because he is not on the water doesnt mean he is not there. The only place they cant see from the mountain is the creek channel. Also that would be a great place to have this. But if dfg catches wind of this. The site will go down along with people being ticketed thats why we cant have anything organized. On the forums for the man's eyes hint: PM's work best so I am in and whoever thinks they would be interested in doing this in april send a pm to d mun with your number and we can figure out a fun fish day.
pass...the rangers and DFG are keeping me away, they make me want to burn my fishing license and throw my gear in the lake! ;(
yes I will pass as well considering what happened last time. ANd how much it will cost to hold one legally.
But if you all just want to have a get together I'm in!! 8-)
Yea fishing JUST FOR FUN and a few sodas and sandwiches after just to see how everyone did would be cool......... ;) But KEEP everything to PM's........cause BIG BROTHER IS A @$$hole....... >:-(
lets do it this weekend. Just a fun fish day get together and we can donate some cash to the website.......
Can't this weekend It's Crystal's B-Day and next weekend you guy's are going snowboarding I think......... Bassman I want MY LIGHTER [green]
I like Bassman's idea of idea of just a fun fish and possibly donate some money to the site and have a BBQ.
That sounds good.

Here is a link to the prices for a picnic site

Copy and past it into your browser

We should do Yote when they open up to boats again.
LBC is far away and may not have a big turn out as if we kept it local!!

I'm still open to pitching in for the permits so we can do this without any hassles. :)
I Don't want to thread jack this but here is the situation we face about doing tourney's. All we currently need is a permit from DFG, that is 53.00 I believe, its on the DFG permit post. The only issue is we have to chose the dates a head of time. We can't just do these last minute plans. We can have up to 12 tourneys with this permit at different locations. If I remember correctly, Phil the ranger at anderson stated that is all we currently need to have anything on santa clara waters as well, since the amount of boats was under a cetain number and the cash pot was less than 1K or something like that. This is what I have been trying to find out from santa clara county and they don't return calls.

I'll probably be at the LBC saturday doing some fishing, hope to see some of you there.
Lets try and get some dates so we can do this thing. Every one needs to put out some dates so we can get this rolling. We should go month by month starting with april and going from there. Even if only a few people show up what ever lets get these dates set so we can have some fun