Lexington 4/13

Had time after class today so I decided to fish Lexington with a bud from about 5-sunset. Ended up being a good choice. First stop produces 4 fish for the both of us. Next stop is less productive, but we ended up scraping up about 15 total together, 20 if you count missed hits and shakeoffs. Considering we spent only about 2 and half hours fishing, it was pretty decent fishing. Water is 6" visibility is some areas and 1-2' in others. Blades, jigs, T-rigged creatures, Senkos all got bit. Mostly the Lexington 1lb cookie cutter variety, but one nice 5lb to mix it up!
Nice! Is the clearer water (1-2' visibility) area more productive, or the other way?
Fish are still in the clear water. Got 1 fish on the blade in the clearer water, but it was a rat. Muddy water is a bit warmer right now. Plus they are shallow in the mud. If you can access it, it probably has fish. So many flooded trees it doesn't matter where you fish, as long as you are by a spawning flat its game on. This was Highway side, pretty easy spot to recognize if you have been.
Do they like the blade to run slow or fast?
Nice fish man I just drove by there yesterday probably seen your ride, well done mushy
Just drove by today on the way to scotts valley, lake looks awesome. So full.
They wanted it slow rolled. All those green bushes and small logs and tree tops are flooded now. Let it sink, and just roll it through the junk and twitch it when it hits something. That fish was in maybe 4' of water. So much more fun than jig fishing all winter at 40' lol