Lexington Reservoir - Nov 21 Report

Finally had a free day to fish and hit Lexington hard. Fished for about 5 hours through lunch and caught one dink spotted bass. Caught him on a Zoom finesse worm on a drop shot. Was working a nice submerged hump that was only 2-3 feet deep and marked some fish right on the edge of the drop off and channel between where I was casting. That was the only bite for the day.

Tried the east side of the reservoir as well by hiking along the various rocky slopes. Was able to work in very deep water, up to 45 ft depth and marked a good number of schools oriented near the bottom or suspended in ~20 ft. Threw my whole tackle box and got no bites: football jig, finesse jig, jointed shad rap jerkbait, husky jerk jerkbait, KVD deep diving crankbait, Storm swimbait, and of course the drop shot.

Weather’s cooling down – Hope the bite for the big mommas heats up!

oops, forgot to include a pic of the little guy:

I was at Lex on Saturday. Worked the shore on the west side and got some bumps from presumably spots on a Ned rig with TRD. Conditions definitely gettin tougher out there.

What about the cell phone signal there?