Lexington Status...pics

So figured i'd try walkin the bank this afternoon an hopefully get some pre-front conditions bass, unfortunately i think there wasn't enough of a break between the storms to get that scenario. Threw a vareity of jigs an hula grubs, the standards with nothing. Doesn't help the left hand is in a cast and i had to use a medium action spinning rod with 3/8oz jigs...oh well. The lake was beautiful, probably 85% full, an monster crawfish everywhere. It's extremely disappointing there still isn't a boat checker there. I've said it before an i'll say it again Lexington has every piece of the puzzle needed to have some of the largest bass in the state swimming in it. Every type of structure, cover, and the food supply....really ticks me off. Close Stevens Creek and open Lexington.

silly crawdad!
and lexington is alot easier to get to with a boat to.. hell atleast allow it to open and just allow trolling motors only... but then again it would be another lake that wouldnt open till 8 am... but it would be nice to have that lake open regardless.