Lifetime Fishing License

Anybody have one?

Im 21. Did the numbers at 50 a year and it seems worth it. Prices will go up in the future as well.
Possible negatives are if I move out of state, possible but I hope not.
Another downside is that i cant just by a double rod license for life as well. Instead the additionals come as a package at about 350... still good but wish i could just buy it individually. The package comes with "Lifetime licensees who purchase the Fishing Privilege Package receive a Second-Rod Stamp, an Ocean Enhancement Stamp, a North Coast Salmon Report Card and a Steelhead Report Card."

really thinking about it. my cousin told me when i was younger and i should have listened. its only 500 if you buy when your 9 or younger. wasnt smart enough back then haha

its $835 for the rest of my life. Thinking of doing it. Have to send in the forms before dec 31 because the prices might go up it says

any thoughts please post!
Tough break. My dad and Godfather got me one when I was younger. You hit the nail on the head about the pros and cons. It's really up to you.
Dude if you got the money = do it!
I bought a lifetimer for $490 in 2001. Then the Stamps Pkg for $150.
It's already paid for itself. Now I'm fishing for FREE for the rest of my age 34!

Although $835 seems'd only take 14yrs to break even if the avg cost equals $60/yr by 2028 (conservative estimate).

Btw if you move out of state, your license is still valid in CA. And the out-of-state license fees wouldn't apply. But I would never move away from Cali, so now worries for me.
If I was 21, got the money and didn't have any particular plan of moving out of the state, then I would buy it. Buying would most likely save money, tons of it.

For me, I'm way older than you and not sure where I would be in the future, so it's much muddier.

BTW, they have 2014 price up on their web site. It is only $9 more than 2013 price.
well almost 1200 later............

so i just sent in my paperwork and credit card info. they took the money from my checking account

now can i go to a local big5 and show them my id, and they cant print me my year license and 2 rod and stamps etc

or how does it work?

Assuming you did this online at the DFG website, you should be able to print out a temporary licence.
They will mail you the "real deal" in about a week. At least that's how it works for the yearly licence.
got it in the mail today.
will go pick up my steelhead and north coast salmon cards tomorrow at big 5 in case i go.

thanks everybody
if i was 21 and had that cash, a fishing license would be the last thing i would spend it on... hahaha

good for you, keep on fishing!