I heard some pretty good reports from my buddy Peter who fishes the Sasaulito seawall regularly. He said he was getting at least a keeper a day and on really good days he has been getting 6-7 keepers on a single trip! Over the last two weeks he has caught 15 keepers (8 kept, the rest released) not to mention all the shakers he's caught as well.

After hearing such encouraging reports, I decided to take up on his offer to come join him this past Saturday. The conditions were less than ideal when we got to the spot early morning. There was light rain in the morning, though the wind wasn't too bad. We still decided to go fishing in the rain. Fortunately, it stopped raining soon after we started fishing.

We were using 5" big hammer swimbaits on a 1oz shad jighead on a slow and steady retrieve. Shortly after fishing for 20 minutes, my buddy Peter hooks one up. It was a 24" keeper linger, but my friend let him go. My friend hooks up on another one in another 10 minutes, but this time it was a shaker - also released of course. I was getting antsy to catch a fish too, so I started casting like a madman and covered as much water as possible. It was finally my turn after another 30 minutes of fishing. BAM! I set the hook on a freight train of a hit, and the fight was really intense and I knew I had a big fish on. After a short tussle, I pulled him up on the rocks by grabbing my heavy 50lb mono leader. My heart was pounding from the battle still, and I had a rush seeing how big the fish was. It was a nice 32" lingcod! My biggest ling to date. Unfortunately, that was it for both us. We fished for another hour and a half and called it quits.

We then decided to go back towards my friend's house to do some freshwater fishing for large mouth bass. I'd tell you where this lake is, but in all honestly, I just don't remember where or what the lake it is called since it's my buddy's spot and it was first time there. I don't think it's secret or anything, but it was a lake by Petaluma. Didn't put a lot of time here, but we did scratch up a couple dink 12" bass each on shallow diving crankbaits within an hour or so of fishing.

All in all, it was a great fishing trip, not just because of the fish caught, but for me personally, I had a lot fun checking out the new spots I've never been to before and the scenery was awesome.

Here's the pic of the ling:

Holy smokes, BEAST of a lingcod, and you didn't even need a boat!
Nice man!
I see no picture. ;(

Nice job man!
Sweet shore catch!