Little Uvas surprise!

I was out at Uvas do little fishing yesterday evening using a spinner bait on my fourth cast I felt a bite,set the hook as I was reeling in the fish was putting up fight as it was jumping out of the water I could see it wasn't a bass as it was getting close I realized it was a trout.
I never new Uvas had trout.
Yup. I'm not sure if it's a steelhead but there's steelhead trout in Uvas Creek and they probably hang out in Uvas.
sweet got that needle out of a hay stack lol
yea there trout in uvas few and far between
anderson got them to!!
Marv man why you gotta be givin away my secret spinnerbait?!?! haha just playin..Nice trout! I got one about the same size in January on a shad colored deep crank. See you out on the water.
They used to Stock Uvas years ago. You would see the shoreline and dam lined with bait fishermen all over the place. Lots would get their limit in just a couple of hours.
Pretty neat. There are resident rainbow trout upstream before the dam. Below the dam there are steelhead depending on the season.

That's very neat you caught a trout at uvas reservoir. Pretty uncommon.