Local Fishing Areas?

Hi Guys!

I've been wanting to do more saltwater fishing and was curious if there were any decent spots nearby that would be good practice? I'm not too familiar with the bay area, but I figure Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay are decent areas to start. Any places closer? Thanks!

try the wharfs in santa cruz and capitola...
good places to start at...
also after the weather chills out pacifica is voted the best pier in california to fish. also in san francisco pier 7 and fort point are great as well! hope this helps you out.
The season right now is perch. I like seacliff...use sabiki baited with squid or preferrably shrimp or pile worm or use carolina rig with a six or eight baitholder, 1oz weight, and 3 foot leader with perch grub (chartuese) and toss under pier. Pacifica is fine too.
Oyster Point and Fort point in SF are great. A little crowded at Fort sometimes, but right under the golden gate, so good scenery.
Santa Cruz and Capitola wharfs are nice too, Capitola being the smaller of the two. They rent 14' boats with gas motors for $70 I believe off both wharfs.