Local fishing holes?

Hey all,

I just joined up, and I need some help with the local fishing holes. I live in Cupertino, and grew up fishing the local perc pond and stevens creek. I started bass fishing a lot in the last 4 months or so since i started school in stockton and have started fishing the delta (a lot).
I've been fishing the pond by my house when i'm home, but i've been skunked every time i've gone in the past 9 months or so, even though i've had some success in years past. I've tried every technique that i've been learning online, but with no success, which in itself is pretty addicting.

Something's definitely happened to the pond, as just last year even in december it was not unusual to see one or two of the big bass it holds patrolling the bank, or else some bluegill or little bass. However i've spent A LOT of time fishing both during the day and at night, without seeing ANY activity besides 2-3 giant golden carp and some crawdads. I did catch two of those massive carp, but it just isn't the same.

Anyway, i think it's time i gave up on this pond (at least until march), and found a less pressured hole so that i might actually catch something. I had no idea it was unusual to catch a fish only once out of 50-65 or so trips, until i moved up to stockton and started talking to the anglers up there.

I've started reading up on local bodies of water, and I was thinking of trying the campbell percolation ponds this weekend, the vasona creek, or the campbell perc ponds. I've never had any luck at steven's creek, but i was contemplating trying there as well. Are there any spots or any other waters i should try while i'm home on winter break? I know it's winter, bass are more dormant, and such. I'm not after numbers or size, I think i'd be happy to catch any bass closer to home.
We went to the campbell perc ponds yesterday and spent quite some time fishing. Saw some large trout in the largest pond. Fished all three, but not even a nibble. fished senkos, brush hogs, ribbon tail worms, and a spinnerbaits. No luck, so I guess it's too cold for that water. Anyone have any suggestions?
We went to calero today. Bit of a mistake, water is low, TONS of shells along the shore, and absolutely no cover.

Walked all the way to the second dam from the parking lot, fished all the little bends. not even a sign of life, no weeds, grass or anything.

My friend slow rolled a spinnerbait around the points and a senko, and i was fishing a football jig with a craw trailer, a power worm, and lost my red eye shad. Evidently nothing correct.

Struck out again.
Try going to calero in the spring, its alot better. (at least for me anyway) And their is alot of vegitation
I'm hoping everywhere picks up in the spring. Calero is a scratch for now. Where else is worth going to this week?
For shore fishing that is. There's quite a few more bodies of water to try still, yet the two shots I've taken so far have been duds.
I dont know man, i really dont fish this time of year
Yeah, it gets tougher and tougher as it gets colder.

went fishing at lexington about 3 weeks ago with 2 other buddies, one of us landed a good 4-5#er after about 4 hours on the water.

hope to hit it hard in feb-march