Locations around SJ ?

Hi, I'm new to this forum and needed some help on where to fish. I reside in San Jose Downtown and have no clue where to fish saltwater. If anyone can reply to this post I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks
I would say closest spots would be San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz area. Most spots are within 1 hour drive.

Good luck.
In the Pacific Ocean you have the piers at Santa Cruz, Seacliff, Capitola and Pacifica; also the rock jetties at Half Moon Bay. You can also check Google Maps and go along the coast from Monterey up to San Francisco and look for beaches to surf fish from. There are a few piers in the bay but I'm not familiar with those.

Good news is that the shoreline here isn't littered with MLPA zones so most everything is fishable.
I'm actually originally from San Francisco so I know i can go to san francisco. But was looking for somewhere closer to san jose since im in san jose for school and dont have much time to travel back to san francisco. So half moon bay and santa cruz would be the closest to san jose ?
Oh, in that case, yea, Half Moon bay or Santa Cruz would be your best bet. Depending on where in San Jose you live, Santa Cruz might be really close, less than 40 miles.
For a pier then yeah, Santa Cruz would be the closest pier since it's a straight shot on highway 17. If you go south along the 1 you'll pass by Capitola pier then Seacliff pier, then it's just beach.

For surf fishing Santa Cruz can get kind of crazy, and Seacliff is just dirty. Sunset and Zmudowski are more laid back but a little farther south. I've never gone north of Santa Cruz along the coast looking for spots, seems like there aren't too many places with beach access.
There's plenty of beach access along the coast north of Santa Cruz from what I can remember. Try driving up towards Half Moon bay through the 1, you'll find some good spots. My pops and I used to take trips and just drive along the 1 and stop at beaches all the way to Monterey.

a couple years back what i'd do is begin my day in hmb and work my way down to santa cruz. would fish all the spots that looked fishy.

pescadero was always one of my stops. there are some beaches just north of the pigeon point lighthouse. never caught anything there, but it looks REALLY fishy.

i know there must be fish holding there. i just didnt give it enough time.

but yeah, lots of spots from hmb to santa cruz.

as far as piers...i prefer capitola any day.