Look for Advertisements for Sale

Look for our sale advertisements in the Fish Sniffer and Tomorrow in the Sports of San Jose Mercury. We've got the store packed with tackle.... we're ready for you! If we don't have it, we can do special orders at sale prices. Shimano will NOT be doing reel service this year....but prices will make up for that!!
Who is going? Anyone go last year :D (8-|
I'll probably stop by tomorrow afternoon to scope things out, and come back on Saturday when the company reps are there and Coyote covers the tax.
I think im stopping by to get swim baits
Im lookin to go tomo to check things out. Haven't been to CBT in a long time. Never been there for bass shoot, only trout. Still not sure what im lookin to get..
I am going tomorrow morning to check out the deals buy a rod and stock up for the year on plastics
I went last year got some good stuff to bad no reel cleaning but that's ok time to learn [red] see u guys tomorrow
Just got back from Coyote - sweet sales all around, rods/reels are anywhere from 10-20% off, they're paying the sales tax all three days (from reading the Merc ad I thought they were only doing that Saturday from 9-5), most plastics are buy 3 get 1 free (mix and match one brand) with the exception of select swimbaits which are 20% off, and most everything else is 20% off with a few exceptions. People coming in steadily, though not too busy and everything is in stock right now. Glad I went today to get dibs off of the full stock, though I still might go back tomorrow to pick up a rod I liked. Was going to sleep on it before pulling the trigger!
Right on thanks for info
Picked up a trout colored wood punker today among other things, and was lucky enough to touch and fondle a deps slideswimmer. I likeded it...
How much was the plunker
45, i think it was the last in trout color, but ive been wrong before
I was there this morning and spent too much.

If you guys haven't tried a Lew's reel yet, go get yourself one. All Lew's are 20% off, no tax. You can't beat that with a bat. I'm switching all my Curados out, and will be selling them in a couple weeks if anyone's interested.

Here's a pic of the SJ Merc ad if you missed it yesterday:
Thanks for the info!
Great sale. Saved about 100 bucks when I bought 2 Powell rods after the discount and the sales tax covered. Ima go back tomorrow for sure.