looking to buy used Gopro's

If any one has one they want to get rid of hit me up I got Cash!
i can get you new ones for a $100 off however you would have to wait till mid january
Jason...If you are still in the market for GoPros, my cousin at Wraps N Motion is a dealer, and we can probably get a nice price on them. Send me a message on FB.
Check out Monoprice.com

They have an HD cam that's getting pretty good reviews. Smaller than the GOPro and I think it's also WIFI enable. Cheaper than the GOPro too.

I was contemplating on getting that or the GoPro for my back country excursions.
thanks you guys! but my gopro search has been put on hold for a little bit, I got to take care of some truck issues! ;( I cant wait to make some real videos next year and they wont be all on Coyote! :)