looking to bye a bass boat need some opinions

so i am stepping up and getting a boat and in my price range iam looking at a stratos 176,186 or a bass tracker 190.
what r yours guys opinions on these boats.i like the 176 and basstracker because of the payments are low.
what do u guys think of these boats?the good the bad the ugly!!!
let me know. i have been doing my research online but would love to hear from u guys....

go with a fiberglass(stratos) boat opposed to an aluminum(bass tracker). Because the fiberglass handle rough water much better, ride smoother, and dont rock as much when ur on the trolling motor. The only downside to a fiberglass is it is heavier so you would need a bit bigger truck to tow depending on size of the boat.
What's your experience level in a boat? What lakes do you want to fish?

Tracker benefits:
If its your first bass boat, a Tracker is great from a durability standpoint. You can beat the crap out of it, and it will be fine. Aluminum hulled boats don't ride nice like a glitter rocket does, true. But when you make a mistake as a beginning bass boater, the Tracker will be more forgiving. Not to mentioned, a used Tracker is very easy to finance and a new one is still reasonable. And remember, aluminum does not rot like poorly maintained glass boats will. Doesn't weigh a lot, a basic pickup or SUV will tow it no problem.

Tracker cons:
Your tackle storage will be less, and in bad wind/boater traffic you'll take a beating.

Glass benefits:
A glass boat rides well, is usually better with creature comforts. More storage, better console lay out, and typically more front deck space. Quieter in choppy conditions. New glass boats can still be had a reasonable prices, if you aren't hell bent on like new or just used condition boats you can find very good deals on used glass.

Glass cons:
More maintenance, more potential issues. If you buy a used glass with hidden issues like rotting glass and sunken decks, you'll spend a good chunk to repair it to good condition. New glass boat are heavy, older sleds can be especially heavy

Remember aluminums are choppy rides in rough water, but rough water handling is more dependent on size and hull shape. A 20' Crestliner V-hull will kick the crap out of any 18 or even 20' bass boat in 2' wind waves, because it was designed to handle extremely rough conditions. And think long and hard about where you fish. Rough conditions may be a moot point if you stay mostly at local reservoirs. If you are fishing Clear Lake once a month or driving out to the Motherlode lakes once a month, that might be a different story.
What type of water and species of fish do you enjoy fishing the most? Are you set on buying new, or are you looking at used boats? What is your price limit? Have you operated and towed a boat before? All sorts of factors to consider.

Myself I always wanted a fiberblass bass boat...since the early 80's. I grew up fishing out of and operating all sorts of boats, but not the big bass boats. I didn't want payments, so I opted to buy used...just gave myself a price limit and made a list of what I wanted(Brand names, length, engine size, colors, etc.). From there I looked for the best bang for the buck, and did a lot of research!

Hard choice you have in store for you...I like the strattos...really like the SSExtreme, JMO. :D Looking back, it was a fun experience! Good Luck...
thanks guys for your input iam looking to bye new so i dont get someones problem lol .
did that last year in feb went half's on 14ft aluminum boat
within 2 weeks of buying it boom 700 in repairs!!!!!!!!
i am going to have this boat for a while
so iam factoring the pros and cons like space,feel,durability
so thats why i want new. my first choice is the 186 but at the top of my price range.
176 is the one i feel will not break my pockets but make me happy
for fishing for now only the local lakes and delta trips.

http://www.teamccmarine.com/c-and-c-mar ... ail&id=101
this one has my eye!!
anything new is a bonus... everyone has given you great advice.
See you can get a test ride and make sure you comfortable with it.
Ask as many questions as you can too. No question is a dumb question when your spending the amount of money your spending...
And most importantly.. Enjoy yourself to the fullest extent and as often as possible too.
nice choice. 8-)
Nice looking boat. How much money?
Let me add a few notes .
I have a V hull Tracker @ 17' 8" . Bought it in 2002. The front deck is to small for two fisherman , but works fine for me when I am the only guy up front. The V hull handles rough water fine , you'll just go a little slower.
Wide open with a Merc 115 4 stroke/fuel injected , it'll go 40mph, plenty fast for me . If I am fishing in really windy conditions , the boat get easily pushed around , so using and getting used to a trolling motor takes lots of practice , especially if your fishing slow with plastics.
Gas in no issue , I probably only use 20/30 gallons a year/ using the boat at least 30 times a year . Towing and loading is easy. Originally towed it with a 4Runner w/ V6 - no problem.
Maintenance is basic but should always be a top priorty. MOst used boats are poorly taken care of(due to cost and good servce companies).If your NOT fishing for money and/or lots of tourneys , stick with new glass and go bigger , if your fishing for fun and family , aluminum is fine and you can typically get more for your total dollars spent. I strongly recommend you try to ride in somebodies boat that is mostly the same as your going to buy(try out several if possible).
Good luck , tight lines , Rob
thanks guys for all the info and taking time to post!!
but sad to say looks like i got to wait on a boat sucks ;(
had to put down more then i wanted to on family car so i got to wait to next season.
sucks but always got next year lol
I am putting my boat for sale