Los Vaqueros Trout Christmas Eve

Headed out to Los Vaqueros this morning. Didn't end up getting to the reservoir until 9:30am and being that it was christmas eve I was only able to fish until 12:00. I fished the south cove (which I dont normally do). The bite pretty good. Not as good as I do in my normal spot. Caught 4 healthy fish all on kastmasters. All the fish were released as well. The guys next to me looked at me like I was crazy when they saw me releasing the fish. Anyways it was a fun day and happy holidays to all.
That's a meaty trout! Nice going with the C&R!
Right on man. How often do they stock this reservoir?
They stock it usually every week. Even if they dont though, you can still go out and catch a limit easy
Sorry for the late response thank you.
I want to make a first time trip out to Los Vaqueros, anyone have a recent fishing report? How's the bite, what type of bait? And what's the average size?
Yea I was out there yesterday. The striper bite is completely dead and the trout bite is pretty slow, which is weird since they have been planting so much`. Your best bet is blown up nightcrawlers and at a close second is chartreuse garlic powerbait but try anything if those dont work. If you are looking to throw lures its all about the kastmaster or Thomas Buoyant spoons. Sometimes the lures will work better than bait. I was there from opening to closing and caught 2 fish. Best spot would be south cove. In the morning go as far back into the cove as you can (just to the left of the signs that say no public access). Around 1pm if you arent catching fish there is a point to the left of the first spot that is super deep and really good midday. Its to the left of the first spot and you know its the right one because there are a couple big rocks there. Good luck
10-4 man thanks.
Ya i was talking to one of the workers and he said it has been super slow since they have been letting out water a couple weeks ago. They are down 3+ feet in 3 weeks