Lowrance Support - LCX-15MT

My family and I bought my father a fish finder many years ago and we paid a pretty penny for it at the time. It had GPS when people didn't even really know what GPS was. Anyhow, it's the Lowrance LCX-15MT and we probably used the unit twice. After that it sat in storage for almost 5 years. We decided to swap out the Lowrance X67c we had at the bow of the boat for this larger screen unit so I brushed the dust off and plugged it in. The second the unit powered up it gave me an error message "Program corrupt. Please contact customer service."

When I called customer service they told me that the model was discontinued and that they no longer carried parts for that model. I informed the customer service rep that we just spent almost $2K on new Lowrance gear and that something had to be done. She said - Sorry, there is nothing we can do.

So I wrote them a letter. A few days later I received a phone call from one of their technicians. He's worked there for years and was quite familiar with the unit. He sent me a couple of software upgrades on the SD cards and guess what, IT WORKED! I mounted the unit yesterday and used it for the first time today and it worked almost flawlessly (I may have to replace the transducer since it's so old).

Thanks Lowrance. I appreciate the assistance.

Here is a copy of the letter:

[quote]Monday, February 26, 2007

Lowrance Electronics (Customer Support)
12000 East Skelly
Tulsa, OK

RE: LCX-15 MT (Discontinued Model)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you today because I feel that there has to be a better resolution to my current product issue. Some years ago we purchased a brand new LCX-15MT for Father’s Day. We spent roughly $1000 on the item and we wanted to be sure the unit was installed correctly so we had the unit professionally installed. We used the unit on four separate occasions and shortly thereafter we ran into some structural issues with the boat. We decided it would be in our best interest if we removed the unit and sold the boat. We placed the unit in its original packaging and sold out boat the following week. We kept the unit indoors and never attempted to use it up until two days ago. Before I explain the issue in detail I feel it would be beneficial if I shared some of the history with you.

This year we purchased my Father a new boat for Father’s Day. It’s a 18’ Crestliner and since it didn’t come with any electronics we had to purchase them. I chose to go with Lowrance over Hummingbird because we were always impressed with the functionality of our LCX-15MT (even though we had only used it for a short time). I purchased a X67C for the bow and the LMS-480M (with GPS and map modules) to place near the steering controls. Both units work very well and I’ve been pleased with the Lowrance support up until now.

I decided recently to install the LCX-15MT at the bow and when I powered up the unit I get an error message that says the “Program is corrupt. Please contact customer supportâ€
Yeah, Lowrance seems to have good customer service once you work around the people who just answer calls and actually get someone that knows their stuff.
Sweet!!! Glad you were able to resolve that :)