Man. I miss San Jose fishing. Even here in portland.

It's just bad, with no bass in your life.
Seriously there's not much bass up there!?? I thought that place would be loaded with bass/trout/salmon/steelhead!
I hear ya'. I moved to Alaska and I sure miss fishing for Salmon in the Guadalupe River. lol
You can have San Jose....
Have you fished the Willamette for smallies yet???
San jose misses you to dave
A monster white sturgeon from the Columbia River Gorge just down the road from you is my number one bucket list fishing trip!

Look at those freaks!
I've fished the Lewis river for steelhead, the Washugal river for steelhead, the Columbia and willmelette for sturgeon. I mean there's bass, but it's no nuke ponds.
At least you got a taste of the good life Dave...sounds like a lot of these folks have already written off San Jose and it's surrounding waters.

If you open your eyes, there's better fishing around here than most places. And if you get bored of "San Jose" you have the Delta, Berryessa, and Clearlake all within a days trip. Maybe not Clearlake in a day, but it can be done. Some of the best fisheries on the planet are within a 3 hour drive from here.

The best part is, you don't even need a boat to access some potentially legit fishing. Most of the reservoirs here can't be accessed by boat anyways because of all the bullshi7. There's plenty of giants in the local waterways for the persistent.