Manresa/Sunset perchin'

Has anyone been out on the surf at Manresa, Sunset, or any of the nearby beaches for perch lately?

I've been itching to hit the surf for the supposedly better perch fishing during spawning season, but haven't ventured down to those beaches due to the weather and big swells. I did hit the Seacliff area last week despite a pretty big swell, and got completely skunked.
Haven't been to Manresa lately, but I've had some great days there last year, mostly during the summer time though. Its a great beach and if the weather isn't so snotty, it would be a good place to give it a shot.

Looks like weather for the next week or so is pretty bad though, maybe once these storms clear it should be a little better hopefully.

Good luck and let us know how you do if you go.
Wut up. Was there a couple weeks ago right before thanksgiving and caught one single fish. Pretty large at that (1 1/2lbs.) but it got tangled in the only darn seaweed in the area and I ended up losing it. From the colorations it seemed to have been a barred perch.

I was using 2" perch crack and sand crabs. It hit on the crack.

Went up to Capitola pier at lunch and caught a real nice barred again from just outside of the break. Hit pretty hard too. At that point I was bait fishing with cut shrimp. A few other small fish were caught but nothing major.

Hoping to get out there again soon since I got a new rig to test out!

I've been doing much better on perch within the Bay!

Good luck!!